Communicators Declare Biodiversity and Climate Crises

Harnessing the power of the communication, marketing, media and advertising industries to help humanity transition to a low carbon future

Are you a communication, media, marketing or advertising professional? Do you recognise that biodiversity loss and climate breakdown are two of the most serious issues of our time?

You can make a difference by signing the declaration and joining a growing movement of professionals who are actively supporting humanity’s transition to a low carbon future, through our messages, actions and influence.

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Why should communicators declare?

Words matter. The pen is mightier than the sword, and our industries hold great influence over the messages that reach the public and the projects that gain social licence.

We craft, promote and sell messages that are read and/or viewed by millions and help to shape our culture, values and future.

While the direct carbon and environmental footprint of our industries may be small compared to other industries, our choices are not.

Let’s harness our collective power to build momentum for transformational change and a better future for us all.

Our Declaration

Members of the Communicators Declare Movement will:

  • Not work on projects or initiatives that conflict with the necessity to mitigate climate breakdown and biodiversity loss. (Note: we understand that projects and initiatives can be complex and often have both positive and negative consequences. We trust in people’s individual capacity to assess whether a project or initiative has a positive or negative climate and ecological impact overall.)
  • Raise awareness of the biodiversity crisis and climate emergency and the urgent need for action in our networks. (This can be done in a professional or personal capacity.)
  • Share stories of success as individuals, organisations, companies and governments make positive climate and biodiversity choices, building hope and optimism in humanity’s collective ability to provide a healthy, liveable planet for future generations. (This can be done in a professional or personal capacity.)

To sign the declaration, go to Join.

Communicators Declare is part of the World Emergency Climate Action Network.