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Communicators Declare acknowledges the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of this nation, the traditional custodians of Australia. We pay our respects to ancestors and Elders, past and present. Communicators Declare is committed to honouring Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ unique cultural and spiritual relationships to the land, waters and seas and their rich contribution to society.

Founded in November 2019, Communicators Declare aims to harness the power of the communication, marketing, media and advertising industries to help Australia transition to a zero carbon future.

It is a grassroots movements of professionals who care about the future and want to make a difference through their messages, action and influence.

We do this by not supporting or working on any projects or initiatives that promote fossil fuel growth or spin science, and by raising awareness of both the emergency we find ourselves in and the positive action being taken to address it.


Belinda Noble

Belinda spent 20 years in news journalism, working as a reporter and supervising producer for TV stations in Australia, Asia and the UK.

She moved to corporate communications and PR in 2011, firstly working in local government, and then as Head of Media & Communications for Australian Red Cross.

She now prioritises climate action in her work and private life – aiming to build support in the communications industry, reduce science denial and greenwashing.

She has a Masters in Leadership, a Graduate Diploma in Management, a BA in Communications and accreditations in public consultation, emergency management and customer experience.

Belinda Noble

Cally Jackson

Cally Jackson is a communication leader with more than 15 years experience across the corporate, government and not-for profit sectors. Cally currently works as the Marketing and Communication Manager of a not-for-profit research centre in the disability sector.

Cally is also the mother of two young children and has become increasingly concerned about the lack of action being taken to address the climate emergency. Inspired by the Engineers Declare movement and being a strong believer in the power of the communication, marketing, media and advertising industries, Cally decided to establish Communicators Declare.

“I want my children to have a safe, stable place to live as they become adults and, possibly, have their own children. But unless the world takes drastic action very soon, this future is looking increasingly unlikely,” Cally says.

“I want to do everything I can to help ensure my children have safe and happy lives. That’s why I’ve founded Communicators Declare in partnership with Belinda. If we all work together to change the narrative and support positive action, we can help speed the transition and hopefully create a better future for us all.”

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Cally at beach
Cally with her children

Advisory Group

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