Movement Declaration

Biodiversity loss and climate breakdown are two of the most serious issues of our time. Communicators Declare are determined to actively support and encourage humanity’s transition to a low carbon future that respects ecological limits. We do this through our messages, actions & influence.

Members of Communicators Declare will:

  • Not work on any projects or initiatives that conflict with the necessity to mitigate climate breakdown and biodiversity loss (Note: we understand that projects and initiatives can be complex and often have both positive and negative consequences. We trust in people’s individual capacity to assess whether a project or initiative has a positive or negative climate and ecological impact overall. See FAQs for more info)

Members of Communicators Declare are also encouraged to:

  • Raise awareness of the climate and biodiversity emergencies and the urgent need for action in their networks.  (This can be done in a professional or personal capacity.)
  • Share stories of success as individuals, organisations, companies and governments make positive climate and biodiversity choices, building hope and optimism in humanity’s collective ability to provide a healthy, liveable planet for future generations. (This can be done in a professional or personal capacity.)

To sign the declaration, go to Join.